Not to be too gear obsessed but here’s what I use:


My standard bike is the Condor Disc Fratello. I love its comfortable geometry which is ideal for long rides. I use this for cycling on tarmac’d roads and the occasional bridal path.

I have an old mountain bike. I’ve been using this more often lately to go places the Fratello wouldn’t be able to cope with. I’m surprised at how much I enjoy so might have to upgrade this soon!

I’d be lying if I said that I don’t like gadgets but I’m trying to not be too seduced by modern fripperies. Saying that, buying the Garmin Edge 800 has revolutionised my cycling. Before the Garmin I was stopping at every junction to read a map and still getting lost which would turn a hour long ride into a half day’er.

I love Carradice bags and have a few. I find them very durable, waterproof and they look great!